Cattolica’s Aquarium


The Cattolica Aquarium is the home to 10,000 marine animals, 4 paths, hundreds of tanks: it is the largest aquarium in the Adriatic.



The Cattolica Aquarium is home to 10,000 marine animals and is the second largest aquarium in Italy, the first on the Adriatic Riviera. Four different routes (Blue for marine environments, Yellow for freshwater river environments, Green for reptiles, amphibians and insects from all over the world and Purple for marine abyss species), hundreds of tanks, thousands of species to admire.
Worthy of note is the presence of sharks inside the Cattolica Aquarium, of various species ranging from small Mediterranean sharks to large and dangerous bull sharks, coming from the seas of South Africa; the bravest visitors will be able to immerse themselves in their tub, inside a metal cage, to be able to admire them at a very close distance. There are also penguins, jellyfish, turtles, and a small clinic designed to accommodate young tortoises that need treatment before being released into the sea.

The Cattolica Aquarium is Pet-Friendly: access is allowed to small dogs, which must be carried in the arms, or placed inside a bag or carrier.

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