Visit of Santarcangelo


Santarcangelo is a village of medieval origin, of great beauty and a center animated by the numerous wine bars, taverns, scattered around the town.



Duration: 2.5 hours

In the case of visit + food tasting: you do not visit the mangano, but the tour in the village remains the same.
Cost: for groups of 7 to 25 people Cost of the visit: € 100; it is mandatory to have radio guides. Cost for individuals from 1 to 6 people: € 80
The tour in the city takes place on foot

Entrance fees:

What to visit: Piazza Ganganelli, walk along the walls, Collegiate Church, Piazza delle Monache, Malatesta fortress on the outside, Tonino Guerra Museum on the outside, Tufaceous caves, ancient Mangano

The old town is perched on Monte Giove from which, according to tradition, the Sangiovese vine takes its name, successfully produced already in the sixteenth century by the local Capuchin friars of Santarcangelo. The hill is entirely perforated by the mysterious tufaceous caves, a great attraction for the town, of uncertain origin and great suggestion.
The visit takes the form of a walk, through glimpses of rare beauty. Along the way we will pause to read the numerous plaques in memory of the famous characters of these places, including the numerous dialectal poets. We will visit the delightful Piazzetta delle Monache overlooked by the convent, rebuilt in the 1700s by Francesco Bibiena. The walk in the ancient part of the village will end with the visit (externally) of the Malatesta Fortress, conquered by Carlo Malatesta in 1386 and of the Tower, neo-Gothic of 1893.
During the walk we will not fail to mention the famous poet and screenwriter Tonino Guerra who was born and died here who left an indelible trace in his hometown also through the numerous plaques dedicated to poets and inhabitants of the Romagna village. The visit ends with a visit to the Antico Mangano, at the Marchi workshop, which keeps the secrets of the rust prints, previously ironed with the 17th century mangle


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Gruppo da 1 a 6 persone, Gruppo da 7 a 25 persone


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